It’s fixed!

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Yes, it’s fixed! My computer.  Or rather, my laptop.  The nice, calm, friendly Computer Man (CM) was like a dog with a bone. He didn’t give up until it was all working properly, bless him. I’m thrilled. Not just because it’s fixed. Because it’s a pleasure to use now too. The slowness of the internet hasn’t changed mind you. But that’s because the cabling to this area we live in is pre-historic in IT terms. That’s out of even the CM’s magic capability. Until it is fixed, I’m happy. Then I’ll be ecstatic!

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This whole saga with the laptop has created other work for me though.  It came to my attention that my folders and files were, well, a tad crammed. Untidy even. If I’m really honest, a tangled mess.

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Outlook was full of folders with stuff crammed into them. In case I needed them. My excuse?  I blog now. Therefore I need  access to information at my fingertips. For when the mood strikes. So I can hit the keyboard running. (Just on the quiet,  I was doing that before blogging too.) Subscriptions were flooding in to my Outlook too. Lots of them. All really interesting stuff of course. But so many I didn’t have time to read them all. They got filed in folders for ‘later’. Bits of scrap paper littered the desk too. With important notes about things to do or remember. Problem I had was finding them when I needed them!

IF 4


And as for photos.  I have thousands of them!! Admittedly, I do use a lot of them, particularly now. A combination of personal ones and the ‘Free for Commercial Use’ sort (I love Pixabay!). All of which I keep. I might use them again. And sometimes it takes a long time to find just the right one. I might never find it again. So I store them all.

IF 5


You probably got the idea  by now. I needed a major clean up! It has been a time of spring-cleaning. Which is why my usual daily posts have been more like every other day in the last week or two. I’ve had to force myself to focus on less interesting things. Before the mess gets even more out of control.


I am a craft person from way back. Being ‘one of those’ elite species, it means I collect stuff. Lots of it. “In case” it can be of use. Often the stuff gets stuffed into all sorts of nooks and crannies. And sadly forgotten until it’s time to create more space. My husband complains that our whole substantially long married life he has been making me cupboards. It’s true! And, he says, before he has time to put his tools down, I fill them up! That’s nearly true too. We have now come to the time where he no longer needs to make me more cupboards. I need to chuck stuff.


Spring-cleaning is a funny business I find. I clean. Ruthlessly toss stuff in the bin. And the next day think “Damn! I could have used that thing I tossed out!!” Never mind the fact that it had been lying forgotten in the cupboard for years. I have been chucking a lot of stuff:

  • I have hit the unsubscribe button countless times
  • I have deleted dozens of folders from Outlook
  • I have bought a notebook and use it instead of scraps of paper. Things attended to are simply crossed off. But I still have a record to look back to if need be. AND it’s all in one place!
  • I have sorted all my used blog photos into folders. And saved them to USB. AND deleted them from my laptop. (That was hard!)
  • I have backed up all my posted blogs onto USB. I still have them saved to Word docs as well. Those I will not delete.
  • I have backed up all my hard work onto USB’s


IF 6

God bless the USB!

I’m a bit proud of all that. It’s fixed! I am organised. In control.

I highly recommend it. It’s soothing for the mind, body and soul.

Just need to get to those cupboards now…


© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

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