Chocolate – YUM! But on the FACE?!

Choc 1

Chocolate is soooo yummy!!  But did you know it makes a good face mask?! I’d heard of it but never really paid much attention to it. Besides, given the choice, I would much rather eat it.  However, I recently went to an all day skin care workshop. And guess what? They recommended chocolate face masks!  BTW, this picture of the tree is what chocolate looks like when it’s growing. Doesn’t look quite as appetising as the finished product does it.

Anyway, it got me to thinking. After all, the workshop was run by a trained beautician. She should know what she’s talking about. And of course she did. The day was crammed full of fascinating information. I’ll save that for another post. And we got to pamper our faces as well. But not with the chocolate mask unfortunately.

I love experimenting with DIY concoctions at home – mostly on myself. My family – or I should say hubby, is not that keen to volunteer parts of his body for smearing with suspicious looking goo. He’s traumatised enough seeing it on me! The stuff of nightmares he reckons….he may have a point.

Choc 2


 Maybe I should have done this for Halloween, lol!


Before I get to the nitty gritty of the recipe, I just want to fill you in a little bit about what I learnt.

It’s called cacao in it’s previous life – before turning into chocolate that is.The Mayans And Aztecs have been using it forever it seems. As a food, as currency, for trade.  Chocolate is made from the bean of the cacao fruit. Fresh cacao is considered one of the superfoods because it’s so rich in antioxidants. More than 320 different kinds apparently. They’re the little hero beasties that fight free radicals. Which are the little demons that do a lot of damage to us inside and out. Found in pollution, radiation, smoke, chemicals and other horrid things, free radicals are the culprits that can also cause wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, skin damage, cancer…

Choc 3


This is where the hero beastie comes in charging in to mop up the damage. There’s oodles of other reasons too why the cacao bean is good for you.  I’m only concentrating on the skin thing.

Now that you know a bit about it, let’s get down to the mask stuff. This is the recipe we were introduced to at the workshop:


Choc 4


1 teaspoon of organic cacao powder

Organic coconut oil – enough to make a spreadable paste

(I found both of these on my local supermarket shelves)

2 – 3 drops each of the following essential oils:




Ylang Ylang


(All of these essential oils play a key role in rejuvenating your skin. However, it’s not necessary to use them all. You might prefer to use one or two. Geranium and Lavender are both great for all skin types.)

Combine all the ingredients into a spreadable  paste. Lather  it onto your face. As you can see, I put it on my neck as well. And I used my fingers. You might want to do it properly and use a brush!  Avoid your eyes. Then go and lie down for half an hour somewhere calm and peaceful.Have a nanna nap. Play some soothing music. Maybe even meditate….

Rinse off with warm water. Tone. Moisturise.

It’s best to use the mask as soon as it is made so your skin can benefit from  the maximum therapeutic components of the essential oils.


Enjoy  the Chocolate Face Mask experience!  Let me know how you go.


Remember to always use pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I personally prefer to use Young Living oils as I know and trust the quality.  Buy some now

Here’s some links if you want to learn more about cacao and dark chocolate:


Why dark chocolate is good for you

Chocolate, anti-oxidants and free radicals


Chocolate face mask


© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay and personal album

5 thoughts on “Chocolate – YUM! But on the FACE?!

  1. 😘😍I must speak out against this. You didn’t invite me?! I like the idea of eating half and smearing the other half on my face. I also use a chocolate facial cleanser from Karin Herzog so I understand the great mood you’re in right now. 😢😭

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