IT CRASHED – the computer that is !


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It crashed! My Outlook email lifeline to the world that is. Dead as a dodo.  I rang our friendly Computer Man (CM). He made a few reasonable sounding suggestions. I was grateful for his advice and calm manner. Eagerly I sat down to see if I could work out how to access my emails through Google Chrome. Yeah, yeah, I know!! That is, I DIDN’T know you could do that. As you may have gathered, I am not very computer savvy at times. I do have extensive expertise and skills in some discrete aspects of computing which generally serve me very well. Until I come across problems like this one.

Know this screen? I do. Intimately. It visits me often. Not a welcome visitor I might add. I wish it would just go away – forever, preferably! But it hasn’t. It came back with an extra boost of enthusiasm when I tried to follow the CM’s suggestions. Google Chrome was the first. I turned it on and off several times. Sometimes that does the trick. Not this time. Of course. The unwelcome visitor had dug its boots. I even ran a Network Diagnostic! I was so proud of that. Not that it helped any. All it told me was that it was ‘unable to identify the problem.” Really?! Well, me too!!

IC 2


So next I tried Explorer. Yay! It loaded up beautifully. This was a good sign I decided. Only to have all my hopes and dreams come crashing down when I tried to acess my emails. In what I thought was a very cold and heartless message it told me that it  “could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed.” I believe I may have used some profanity at this point. Not at all my usual ladylike behaviour. I tried again. Still the same same.

Oh well, if I couldn’t get on the internet, or access my emails, perhaps I could do some prep on word documents for my next blog.  Word wouldn’t open. Drafts and new doc’s. That was the breaking point. Oooooh #@%*&# !!!!!!!! THE WHOLE THING WAS DEAD AS A DODO. Despairingly, maybe even stifling a sob or two, I turned my computer off. Perhaps it would resurrect in the morning. Have a miracle awakening overnight. I slept fitfully, tossing and turning. Dreaming of evil PacMan like creatures chomping at my files. In the morning, I tentatively sneaked into my office and pressed the ON button. OK. It hummed and purred into life. A glimmer of hope then, I thought. There was someone still at home. Next  stop – Outlook icon. Nope. Next – Google Chrome. Nope. Next -Word Doc’s. Nope. Spirits dashed, I sadly turned it off again.


IC 3

Then came two days of wondering and panicking what alien infested bugs were chomping happily away at my precious data and files. Thankfully I did have a lot of it backed up onto a USB. But not all. Damn! I would have to be more diligent with that task.  Two days of hoping and praying that I was wrong. That the IT problem was not as sinister as my over-active imagination was making it out to  be.

The nice, calm, friendly CM arrived. He sat down and worked his magic. Got it all up and running again. Found no alien monsters of any kind. I thanked him – again. (He’s been here a lot lately.) The area in which we live is notorious for the slowness of it’s internet. No kidding!  The antiquated infrastructure can’t keep up with current demand.

Then I sat down to go through a backlog of emails. Two emails in – Outlook coldly told me it was disconnected. A great big red cross hovered over the icon on the toolbar.  The pop-up box informed me that “Outlook cannot synchronise subscribed folders. Error: cannot connect to server.”   #$@^5&*+!!!!!!!!!!!  Back to the drawing board…

My computer – or I should say, laptop to be accurate – is behaving in a most un-laptop like manner. It is not co-operating with fixes. The CM is very patient and good. I am sure he will find a way to get it to behave like all good laptops should.

© Raili Tanska

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