The Retired Husband


Week one for the Retired Husband is over. I am happy to report I have no signs or symptoms of the said syndrome. Mornings he spent in in the garden absorbed in Green Therapy.  But only after a leisurely morning cup of coffee reading the newspaper. After a sleep in. Needless to say, the garden is loving all the attention and looking all the better for it. Two huge greens bins are full to overflowing with weeds and clippings.

Even the weather has supported this tranquil easing into a retired life. It has been gloriously sunny and a perfect temperature. Afternoons have often included a ‘nanna nap’. Each day of this transitioning week into a genteel retired life has also featured a sit down lunch with a bottle of champagne.  I did warn him not to get used to it! But I do have to admit it has been very nice indeed.

Trh 2

The week ended with a road trip. A long term goal is being realised slowly but surely. He rode “The Exterminator” (not a name I am overly fond of!) 150 kilometres to a little place called Bow Hill on the River Murray.  Stayed with family and friends there for the afternoon and rode back home. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day. Perfect for riding. A long round trip with the resultant sore derriere. It will need to be hardened in preparation for the thrill of becoming a Trike Riding Road Hog.  That’s the goal for this retired husband. 


© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay and personal album

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