The Delete Button

  The delete button is my best friend. Or so I thought until recently. I’ve had occasion to use it a lot lately as part of an ongoing decluttering of files and folders clogging up my laptop. And a new determination to keep all incoming data under control. No more saving stuff ‘just in case … More The Delete Button


    South Australia is in the grips of a nasty bushfire. There have been two deaths.  Untold numbers of livestock have died. Loss of wildlife is yet to be determined. Loss of properties is devastating. Many farmers have lost everything. It is hard to imagine what it must be like to be caught in the … More Bushfire

Hello From Heaven

  Hello from Heaven has been triggered by recent events both worldwide and within my extended circle of family and friends. I am indulging myself in journeying through memories. A patchwork of reminiscing. So many images are flicking on to the screen of my mind. Family celebrations. Holidays. Get togethers. Weddings. Funerals. A veritable mishmash … More Hello From Heaven

Belly Comfort

Snuggly soft soothing comfort Gently undulating breath warm – cradle – rocking sleep A family tradition many years in standing Man and Child Quieting resting eyelids drooping drifting into slumber © Raili Tanska Image Pixabay

It’s fixed!

Yes, it’s fixed! My computer.  Or rather, my laptop.  The nice, calm, friendly Computer Man (CM) was like a dog with a bone. He didn’t give up until it was all working properly, bless him. I’m thrilled. Not just because it’s fixed. Because it’s a pleasure to use now too. The slowness of the internet … More It’s fixed!

Prayer for Peace

  Now more than ever, it is so important to focus our energies and thoughts on peace.  The tragedy unfolding in Paris has become the focus of attention for many of us across the world. Social media brings it vividly into our homes. Real horror. It is not some trumped up voyeuristic reality show designed … More Prayer for Peace

Harmony Essential Oil

Harmony™ is a Young Living  proprietary blend of pure essential oils that helps bring harmonic balance to the energy centres of the body, allowing energy to flow more efficiently.  What’s in it? Harmony Essential Oil Blend contains 17 oils: Sandalwood – Stimulates the brain, center of our emotions. Traditionally used in yoga and meditation. Lavender … More Harmony Essential Oil