Adoption from the Philippines

Feast 1

His wife had splurged. Bought him a beautiful pair of cream Pierre Cardin trousers with maroon waistband trim and pocket linings. The material was soft and sensuous. The fit perfect. They became a favourite leisure wear item.

The family went overseas for a trip. The trousers were packed along with other holiday clothes. Whilst staying in a resort they were put out for dry cleaning. There was to be a deckside barbeque the following night. A sumptuous affair with local cuisine.  He wore them that evening.

A long and narrow canoe shaped table, sides elaborately carved and decorated with mother of pearl designs was the centrepiece on which food was served. Round tables covered in gaily coloured tablecloths and shaded with palm frond umbrellas were set around the swimming pool. Hotel chefs had fired up the barbeques and were busy cooking. Mouth-watering aromas wafted in the tropical balmy evening breeze. Long cool cocktails decorated with paper umbrellas were served along with taste tempters of anchovies delicately laid on thin slivers of raw green mango.

The canoe table was covered in platters of lamb, beef, pork, prawns, fillets of fish, scallops, bright fresh salads and artisan breads.  Food was served. Husband and wife and their two children sat to savour the  mouth-watering feast. Each bite was an explosion of exotic flavours dancing on the palate.  Sated, they sat and enjoyed the coolness of the evening watching the setting sun.

Until the ambience was rudely  interrupted by a loud, liquid rumbling coming from the bottom of the youngest child sitting on his father’s lap. Diarrhoea. Oozing from the sides of his shorts. Spilling out in glorious shades of ochre. A perfect earthy toning of abstract patterns spread against the soft cream of the Pierre Cardin trousers matched only by the exquisite sunset.


© Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

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