More Lavender DIY recipes


I’ve just been to an all day Beauty School workshop run by Young Living. It was informative, educational and fun. More than that though, it served to remind me of all the wonderful skin care ingredients we have in our homes. The kitchen cupboards, fridge and garden are full of things that can quickly be whipped up into nourishing skin care products.

Here’s a few ideas you might like to try:

 Face cleansing paste suitable for all skin types

1 tbsp coconut oil ;  1 tsp rice flour;   1 tsp ml cider vinegar;   1 tsp ml filtered or spring water;

1  drop of lavender essential oil

Mix all ingredients into a smooth paste. It is best to make only  small quantities as this is preservative free. Store in a jar in a cool place.

To use:

moisten your face with water first. Gently spread the paste  in small, circular motions all over your face and neck, being careful to avoid the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat gently to dry.

If you want to give your face an extra treat now is the time to make a mask. Some of the kitchen cupboard ingredients you might like to try are – avocado, banana, plain yoghurt. Add a drizzle of honey – it hydrates the skin. And a drop of lavender oil. Spread over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Lie down and listen to some soft music, meditate, have a snooze…for 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse off with water. You could cover your eyes with a slices of cucumber or cold used tea bags.

Once you have cleansed your face it is important to use a toner to restore the skin’s natural pH level. There are several  options you might like to try –

Witchhazel Water, Rose Water,  Apple Cider Vinegar (dilute 1:1 with water).

If you have lots of roses in the garden it is very easy to make your own rose water. Collect a generous cupful of petals. Rinse. Drain. Cover the petals with hot water and leave to steep until the water has cooled. Strain, bottle, store in the fridge. It will keep for a couple of weeks. When you use it, you could add a drop of Lavender essential oil into it for an extra  boost to the skin.

The next step of course is to moisturise your skin.  To do this you could simply use sweet almond oil with a drop of Lavender essential oil mixed fresh each application. It is great as a body oil too. If you do this, give yourself a dry skin brushing first, have a quick shower, then apply. Want to learn more about the health benefits of this technique and how to do it? Go to this post – Shedding winter skin

Above all, have fun. Be creative.

And remember – do yourself a favour and only use pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. I prefer to use Young Living essential oils as I know and trust the purity of their products. Link –  Buy some now

© Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay
Reference:  The Fragrant Pharmacy  by Valerie Worwood

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