SALMA BUTTERFLY: The House Project part 8



One last time – let’s get started.  Close your eyes just for a little while. Pretend your lungs are like party balloons. Fill them up till they’re nearly bursting. Then let all the air rush out with a whoosh! till they’re empty. Do it three times.

 And remember to listen and look at the information here with your heart ears and heart eyes. Ready?

Lots of different countries, cultures and traditions think that butterflies are pretty special.

  • Mandarin Chinese believe butterflies are symbols of a long life
  • Japanese believe butterflies symbolise young ladies and happy marriage
  • In Germany they believe butterflies are witches trying to steal cream!!
  • Mexicans, Ancient Greeks, some Russians and Irish believe butterflies are symbolic of people who have died
  • In the western world butterflies are all about freedom, fun, happiness

Here’s some other stuff I learnt:

  • Scientists talk about something called the ‘butterfly effect”. It means that if a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere like Australia by the time the air current gets to say Japan, it’s become as big as a tornado! Crazy, huh !
  • There’s lots ‘n lots of stories and poems about butterflies.
  • There’s stuff about butterflies everywhere once you start looking. Cards, gift wrap, clothes, magnets, business logos, household stuff, books etc etc etc
  • Butterflies change four times during their life. This is a really important bit to remember. I’m going to talk about it some more.



We’re getting to the really important stuff:  Butterfly lessons.

Remember when I told you about  the stages of a butterfly’s life  right at the very beginning of this story? That they are like people’s lives? First they’re eggs. Then they change  into a caterpillar that just eats ‘n eats ‘n eats and then crawls around looking for even more to eat. Like my baby brother! Then it goes to sleep for ages and comes out as a butterfly. Some people say that’s what happens when you die. Of course there’s a whole important bit right in the middle there that they seem not to talk about! Like LIFE, duh!

There’s still another way to look at it too. Scientists have discovered that butterflies are the only living thing that changes it’s whole DNA when it changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly. They reckon this is pretty amazing. And the other awesome thing is that it all happens in about one month! DNA are the little tiny things in the body that look like a string of twisted loops and have all the important information needed to make you. It’s a pretty big deal.

So what?  They reckon there’s stuff to learn from the butterfly’s life cycle.  Like when people grow, there’s growing pains and you get ravenously hungry. And can feel out of sorts, maybe get really easily upset for no reason. And then all of a sudden you feel great. That’s sort of life the butterfly’s transformation too, isn’t it! (That’s a big word, I know. It means change.) It takes people a lot longer to change of course. Imagine if you had to do all that in just one month!  How freaky would that be! As far as  I know butterflies don’t freak out. Well, I didn’t anyway, and I’m a butterfly. We just get on with it and stay cool, calm, beautiful and graceful. Because, I suppose, we know that getting upset is not going to change anything. It all still happens anyway. So why bother getting all upset?!

Then there’s  still another way of looking at it. Like if you think about your life you could compare it to what stage it would be if you were a butterfly. The egg would be at the very beginning, wouldn’t it. The caterpillar is when you start to learn and grow. Then going into a cocoon would be like going inside. Into feelings and stuff.  And coming out as a butterfly is when you’re all grown up.

And the last way (for now – it never really ends) is to think about the stages  as if you’re doing like a school project. The idea is the egg. The caterpillar is getting everything together. The cocoon is working on it. The butterfly is when it’s all done! Just like the Butterfly House Project – first the idea to have my very own first home. Then the plans and all the information I needed to get it started. Then the building of it. And voila – completed house!

That’s a lot of Butterfly Lessons from such a little thing! As you can see I’ve thought about all the Butterfly Lesson stuff quite a lot. About how it relates to me and my life. Perhaps you could find something in your life that is like a butterfly transformation.

I  know there will be other times in my life when there will be more Butterfly Lessons. The learning never really stops, does it? You’d think that sucks wouldn’t you!  But the cool thing is that it’s just stuff you learn as you go along. Like there’s no teachers looming over you, project work, or school assignments, or deadlines, or getting graded. It’s just life.

I found this really nice story on the internet that I’d like to share with you.  It’s from a Native American legend.


SB 2

” If you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and

whisper your wish to it.

Since butterflies cannot speak,

your secret is ever safe in their keeping.

Release the butterfly,

and it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit,

who alone knows the thoughts of butterflies.

By setting the butterfly free,

you are helping to restore the balance of nature,

and your wish will surely be granted.” 


I like the thought of that. Maybe I’ll try it sometime….. I don’t need to capture a butterfly of course, ‘cos I am one already!

Well, that’s the end of my story now. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did telling it. I’m really looking forward to catching up with my friend Buttons the Woodland Elf. He’s just come back from A Very Important Mission. I want to hear all about it. Perhaps you’ll join me?

I hope your life is filled with butterfly wishes come true,

Salma Butterfly


© Raili Tanska – October 2015

Images Pixabay

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