Halloween is something that has never been celebrated in my family. I’ve always thought of it as a  peculiar American tradition.  My apologies to the Americans. No insult intended! It’s an intriguing notion don’t you think? The allure of wanting to be scared. Which is what I equate with Halloween. Well, having done a bit … More Halloween


L E S S O N S Arrive unannounced on the  doorstep of my heart oft’ unexpected oft’ unwelcome Challenging Chipping Changing S    t    r    e    t    c    h    i   n    g  Searching Testing Teasing Honing Heaving Heavy Forcing Confrontation within until soul  lesson learnt Growth Newness Peace Restored © Raili Tanska Image Pixabay

Deep Relief

A roll-on proprietary blend made by Young Living, Deep Relief does exactly what the name says – it provides support for head and muscle tension. I use it when I get those excruciatingly horrible cramps in my legs. It stops them almost straight away. And a bonus is that I am left with no post-cramp … More Deep Relief

Vetiver essential oil

Have you ever smelt Vetiver? It smells like a forest after a fire has gone through. Although an “acquired” smell, it does have wonderful qualities of stilling a busy mind, and grounding. Calming and stabilising, it is also good for managing stress or when recovering from emotional trauma. Some find it helpful to use when settling … More Vetiver essential oil