Halloween is something that has never been celebrated in my family. I’ve always thought of it as a  peculiar American tradition.  My apologies to the Americans. No insult intended! It’s an intriguing notion don’t you think? The allure of wanting to be scared. Which is what I equate with Halloween. Well, having done a bit … More Halloween


L E S S O N S Arrive unannounced on the  doorstep of my heart oft’ unexpected oft’ unwelcome Challenging Chipping Changing S    t    r    e    t    c    h    i   n    g  Searching Testing Teasing Honing Heaving Heavy Forcing Confrontation within until soul  lesson learnt Growth Newness Peace Restored © Raili Tanska Image Pixabay

Deep Relief

A roll-on proprietary blend made by Young Living, Deep Relief does exactly what the name says – it provides support for head and muscle tension. I use it when I get those excruciatingly horrible cramps in my legs. It stops them almost straight away. And a bonus is that I am left with no post-cramp … More Deep Relief

Natural Skin Care

Whilst looking for inspiration for this blog post, I came across an interesting article. As you probably know by now if you have been following my blog, I am an advocate for using what I call kitchen cupboard ingredients for beauty care. Mind you, I would have to be the first to admit that my … More Natural Skin Care


  It is well known in my family that a sailor I am not. However, I have braved the waters on several occasions. One such time was not long after our yacht, Finnally, had been launched. She was moored at the Small Yacht Club near Port Adelaide. Relatives visiting from interstate were keen to go … More TENDER BENDER

Vetiver essential oil

Have you ever smelt Vetiver? It smells like a forest after a fire has gone through. Although an “acquired” smell, it does have wonderful qualities of stilling a busy mind, and grounding. Calming and stabilising, it is also good for managing stress or when recovering from emotional trauma. Some find it helpful to use when settling … More Vetiver essential oil