Deep within the recesses And canyons of my heart Resides a seed A sacred fire of hope, promises, Fertility A soaring of the Soul Yet to be germinated. Waiting, watching, biding its time A knowingness that it will be Soon…….. ©  Raili Tanska Image Pixabay

OLIVES – the good oil

So what’s so good about it? rich in antioxidants – especially vitamin E helps to bolster the immune system low in saturated fats moderately rich in carbohydrates  helps to improve bone mineralization and calcification aids in calcium absorption Want to learn more?  check this out : OK, so we know it’s good on the inside. … More OLIVES – the good oil


I Am the Soul that yearns to be set free To soar To fly unrestrained and spread my wings Reaching for the blue of the never-ending sky above To know the joy of release To know … And be …. ©  Raili Tanska Image Pixabay


  To be still, silent, in solitude savouring it – The peace of just being Nothing more Nothing less ©  Raili Tanska Image Pixabay


She sat watching me closely. Her eyes followed my every move.  If I went to another part of the house or outside she would follow me. By the end of the day she had grown tired and tried to second guess where I would head next. Finally, having grown too tired to bother following me, … More MISSY

Salma Butterfly – The Butterfly House Project Part 4

CONSTRUCTION Before you go any further : Do you remember the beginning bit?  Can you do that again?Close your eyes just for a little while. Pretend your lungs are like party balloons. Fill them up till they’re nearly bursting. Then let all the air rush out with a whoosh! till they’re empty. Can you do … More Salma Butterfly – The Butterfly House Project Part 4