SALMA BUTTERFLY: The House Project part 7

BH 1


Let’s get started.  Close your eyes just for a little while. Pretend your lungs are like party balloons. Fill them up till they’re nearly bursting. Then let all the air rush out with a whoosh! till they’re empty. Do it three times. And remember to listen and look at this story with your heart ears and heart eyes. Ok, let’s go!

Well, everything is finally finished with the Butterfly House Project. Wow! It has been so exciting. And so much work. And best of all such a lot of interesting things have happened. I have made heaps of new friends. I can’t believe how helpful everyone has been. When I think about it all, I know I could NEVER have done it by myself. Well, maybe. But it would not have been anywhere near as awesome as it is now.

We’re all pretty tired. But it’s a good tired. You know, like when you have had so much fun that you’re exhausted. And you can hardly keep your eyes open. But you feel soooo good inside! That’s what this feels like. Except it’s even more.

After the last bits were done we all sat down in the garden. And one by one comments started  flying around about how  good would it be  to have a huge party to celebrate. And make it a housewarming do at the same time! The more we talked about it, the more excited everyone got. Then everyone started saying what they could do to help make it the biggest celebration ever. Before you could even say abracadabra, it was all organised! The date, the time, the food, the entertainment. I couldn’t believe it. Such an awesome way to finish the whole project.

Princess Lilliana’s arranged for me to  meet with the Faerie Queene’s Personal Assistant, His Esteemed Quill, Sir Pen~A~Lot to put together the invitations. He said it would be printed in Faerie Dust on the best Royal Parchment. It would then be rolled into a scroll and tied up with a moonbeam. How does that even work, I thought?  A moonbeam tie!  The DragonFly Express Team was to deliver them. Needless to say by now  I was getting super excited!!!

The date for the celebration  coincided with the Midsummer Night Full Moon. Turns out it was not your ordinary old every day full moon either. It was a BLUE moon. That’s really supercharged, super-awesome. It’s a time when you can see the moon’s face and talk to it! I was sooo looking forward to that, I‘d heard such a lot of stories about it. The full moon is always huge. It’s round face looks over Forest Glen shimmering and pulsing so brightly no other light is needed. There’s like a pearly glow to everything. Like everything has been sprinkled with Faerie Dust. Everyone is always really happy and excited. My antennaes were quivering in anticipation. And to top it all off this time  would be a double celebration. Forest Glen always celebrates this time of the year with a huge party. Now there was even more reason to celebrate. The festivities of course would start at the crack of dawn and continue for as long as  – well, until everyone had partied enough.

That’s not all either. Turns out there was even more to be excited about.  Queene Tatiana had instructed her top chefs from the Royal Kitchen to take care of the catering. So the Slightly Mad Guru, Hisston Bloom would be in charge. His fame had spread everywhere because of how he used magicke to create the most awesome food. He was working with the Very Earthy Gnome, Jimmy I Olive who was known far and wide to be all about good, nourishing, wholesome food that was fun to look at and eat. And to complete the list was the Gangly Water Sprite Desert King Extraordinaire, Addit  Tsoombargh.  His deserts – ooh my, ooh my! Just the thought of all the delicious smells and tastes was almost more than I could bear. And as for my feet – well, they were already salivating so much I sloshed when I walked!

BH 2

Finally, the big day dawned. Once again Forest Glen was a flurry of activity and excitement. Everywhere you looked there were celebrations happening.  The Hub was the best place to start, like the go to central point. That’s where everyone could find out what was happening, when and where. The Wild Corner, of course, was open for anyone who wanted to have a look at my first ever very own home. And of course the Elf Adventure playground was alive with excited, screaming younglins having the time of their lives egged on by Queene Patty’s troop. They played hide the leprechaun, lol. As if they could stay hidden! Everyone knew leprechauns couldn’t stop giggling when they played games. Pin the antennae on the butterfly was popular – with a picture of me. Cute! The most popular game seemed to be a treasure hunt around my garden. I had helped to hide the treasures there the day before. All I could hear in the morning when I woke up was a loud “Shhh! Salma is still sleeping…”. Then a loud thump and giggling as the first early comers scurried around looking for hidden treasures. Made me hop out of bed quick smart and go join them. My garden had heaps of great hiding places –

BH 3

The faeries had created a  giant faerie ring just outside the Younglin training centre close to The Lake. Water sprites, dragonflies, elves, gnomes and mayflies were teaching dances like Trip the Daisy, Loop-a-Loop, Skipping Stones and the golden oldie loved by everyone, Faerie Walz. In the evening there was to be a dance competition everyone was looking forward to seeing. Judging by the hoots of laughter, ouches and limping, it was going to be an interesting spectacle.

For those of a more sedate bent, there was poetry reading in my Quiet Corner. To my surprise it was really popular! Who would have thought there were so many budding poets hiding in the corners. Sir Pen-A-Lot was quite the poet. As were Mr Whooo from Wise Counsel, Krystal Ball, and some of the hospital staff. Even, would you believe it, Ican Fix It from the Hot Spot Team!  There was a poetry competition with the winning entry receiving private tutoring on poetry writing from Sir Pen-A Lot. It was being hotly contested. Apparently Sir Pen-A-Lot was very famous for his poems well beyond the borders of Forest Glen. (I have to admit I submitted an entry too, although I didn’t tell anyone and used a false name …)

The Dragonfly Express and Hummingbirds were doing a roaring trade on the Lake with joy rides. There were huge line ups waiting their turn. Hoots of laughter could be heard echoing across the whole Glen when they deliberately swooped down and dunked the rider into the water. Everyone wanted a turn.

The Weavers Guilds at Mulberry Hill held open house and workshops for anyone who wanted to learn the fine art of silk weaving. That was so popular they had to bring in extra staff. I had such fun there making myself a throw for my bedroom. Such beautiful shades of blue in a heavenly soft and light gossamer weave. It inspired me to book in for more lessons.

What with all the activity and busy-ness going on all over Forest Glen, the catering team were kept very busy. I would have to say, though, that it was all very smoothly run. They had outdone themselves. Help had been co-opted  from the ants and Nectares Galore. All of the staff from the Royal Kitchen were on hand too. Everyone pitched in and still had time to join in the fun as well. On top of that, the Slightly Mad Guru, Hisston Bloom,  the Very Earthy Gnome, Jimmy I Olive and the Gangly Water Sprite Desert King Extraordinaire, Addit  Tsoombargh entertained us all with a cooking extravaganza. Between them, they created a unique, once only Celebration Cake for the occasion. Of course it had a twist! Several actually. We were in stitches of laughter watching them clowning around. By the time they had finished they were all covered top to toe in flour and goodness knows what else. In spite of the antics, what they made was the most awesome triple cake ever.

You see, each one of them created their own individual cake. Then somehow it all got put together onto a platter. The end result was the most bizarre cake ever. You could pick which cake you wanted to eat or work your way through all three of them. It was a combination of magicke, wholesome nutrition, and sweet-tooth glory. All of them tasted awesome. I couldn’t begin to tell you what they were made from because we were only told the main ingredient. You see, the rest of it was a closely guarded, never to be revealed Hush!  – Secret. Hisston Bloom used the Faerie Queene’s magic mushrooms. Jimmy I Olive used the elvish waybread. Addit Tsoombargh used – would you believe, beetroots!


Besides the cake, there were all sorts of platters and drinks everywhere you went. There was Bee Pollen Faerie Bread,  Buttercup Soup, Wizard Mix Nibbles, Leprechaun Lentils, Stuffed Mulberry Leaves, Stuffed and Roasted Cabbage, Crispy Asparagus – I could go on and on. There was no end to the variety and number of dishes. Seaweed Salad had been flown in fresh by Dragonfly Express along with a delicacy known simply as Fish Balls. Everyone raved about that, but it was not to my palate. I just couldn’t bring myself to even taste a bit. Drinks were awesome too – Pumpkin Juice, Pixie Punch, Honey Meade, Exotic Nectars brought in by Nectares Galore from all over the valley and beyond. No effort had been spared.

BH 4 BH 5 BH 6

As the day waned to a close, it was time for the dance competition. Weary revellers sat to watch, winding down from the busy festivities of the day. A tired but happy feeling settled over Forest Glen. The practising pairs were to perform the Faerie Waltz. The loudest cheers decided the winner. Dancing to the music of the Grasshopper Hips and Hops Band, Dr Fracture partnered She Knows from True Telling. They were all arms and legs and toe stepping stops. Al Chemist did his bravest best to steer Angelina from Elixir Treatments around the faerie ring but they just kept stumbling and falling down. They seemed to be having a lot of fun. Yankitout and Krystal Ball however, provided a show stopping performance. The crowd loved them so much they even got a standing ovation and a call for an encore. Without a doubt they were the winners. Their prize was a night of fine dining and dancing at the Royal Palace. What a treat that would be!

Then Sir Pen-A-Lot walked to the middle of the ring. He was a bit of a pompous showman. It was his honour, he said, to announce the winner of the poetry competition.  Loudly clearing his throat, he proceeded to give a long-winded speech about the importance of poetry and the fine art of writing. Expectation filled the air with tension that was almost palpable. Breaths were held. Whispered conversations, nods and winks were exchanged. Fidgetting and restlessness was eventually even noticed by Sir Pen-A-Lot – some were starting to call him Sir Talk-A-Lot!. Clearing his throat once more, he slowly pulled an envelope out of his pocket. Opening it and taking out a single folded sheet of paper seemed to happen in slow motion. The suspense was excruciating. Clearing his throat once more, Sir Pen-A-Lot said it gave him great pleasure to announce the winner of this most prestigious Midsummer Night Blue Moon poetry competition. The winner is – Salma Butterfly!  OMG!!!  And how on earth did they know it was me who had written it? I couldn’t believe my  antennaes were hearing right. I was pushed out to the middle of the ring to accept the prize. And to my horror, I was asked to read my poem – then and there! I stood there wishing the ground would open up and swallow me. But of course it didn’t. So with trembling voice I read –

Hurry scurry

work and carry

Busy, busy, busy

Making fetching

house a-building

Friends and neighbours

Helping sorting

What a wonder

What a treasure

So much love

And so much sharing

Grateful ever

Salma’s house

a home forever.


I got a standing ovation! Blushing violently I thanked everyone and said I was looking forward to spending time with Sir Pen-A-Lot learning more about writing poetry.

The festivities were over. Bellies were full to overflowing. A happy tiredness slowed and stilled all activity. The stillness settled like a warm, cozy blanket over the crowd. Small knots and groups were dotted here and there inside the ring. A quiet tranquillity filled the air as the blue moon rose  majestically above the horizon. Its light illuminated the surrounds with an other worldly glow. As I looked up, I saw the moon’s face clear as a bell. Twinkling eyes and a huge smile lit it’s face. Sure as a bell I saw it wink!

A gently swelling, harmonious humming began to fill the air. One by one, all the different groups joined their voices to the rising song. The melodious symphony created a vibration that lulled and soothed. Interspersed with the soft tinkling of tiny silver faerie bells, the sound rose and fell, echoing through Forest Glen calling all creatures to gather. Slowly other forest creatures drifted in and joined the rest of us. I spotted Buttons the Woodland Elf too. Earlier he’d told me he had just returned from a Very Important Mission. I was looking forward to hearing all about it later. Eyes were drooping and closing. Breathing slowed and deepened. Heads nodded as one by one the crowd drifted into a deep sleep all together under the starry night in the glow of the Blue Moon. Whispers of dreams brought reminders of the day’s festivities. Salma had a conversation with the Blue Moon.

BH 7


Postscript –

Although this is the end of the Butterfly House Project, I’ve still got some more stuff to tell you about what I’ve learnt. It’s to do with butterflies. Not the ACTUAL butterfly butterfly, if you know what I mean. It’s about what the butterfly means symbolically. This is really important to know. You’ll understand what I mean when you read the next chapter. Till then, sweet dreams.

©  Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay

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