LEMONS – they’re good for you !


                              a glass of  water with the juice of half a lemon is a great way to kickstart the day

   Just why are lemons so good for us ?

*  rich in Vitamin C  they  boost the immune system and enhance the ability to absorb iron.

*   aids digestion. The cleansing effects help to flush out toxins, helps relieve symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, bloating. Because its microscopic structure mimics digestive juices, it works to stimulate the gastrointestinal system to release gastric juices.

* antioxidants in lemons help to combat the effects of free radicals on the skin and in the body thus reducing inflammation.The vitamin C aids synthesis of amino acids which are necessary for collagen and connective tissue – so it is an anti-aging ingredient. And it helps to exfoliate skin.

* fibre content helps reduce hunger pangs.

* believe it or not, once it’s in your body it becomes alkaline. That means it helps to restore a healthy pH balance in the body.

* acts as a diuretic so it helps the kidneys and bladder to flush and changes the pH level of the urinary tract – so it discourages infection.

*  kills  bacteria in the mouth and freshens breath.

* has  high levels of potassium  so it supports brain and nerves. Helps reduce levels of stress and depression. The vitamin P in lemons improves the capillary permeability of blood vessels.

* wound healing is enhanced by the ascorbic acid and vitamin c in lemons. It’s also nourishing for bones, tissue, cartilage.

* a liver tonic – detoxifies, purifies and stimulates production of bile. Helps control excess bile and decrease phlegm production.

A good start to the day – drink a glass of room temperature water with a squeeze of lemon juice before you have anything else.

Keep a whole lemon in the freezer. Microplane it while frozen onto your food – it grates easily. The pith and skin contain essential nutrients that are also good for you.

Lemon Essential Oil

  • Use 1–2 drops of lemon essential oil to remove gum, oil, grease spots, glue or adhesive, and crayon from most surfaces.
  • Combine 2–3 drops of lemon essential oil with water in a spray bottle to help cleanse and sanitise surfaces.
  • Place a drop of lemon essential oil on oily skin or blemishes to help balance oil glands and minimise oil production.
  • Soothe corns, calluses, or bunions by rubbing lemon essential oil on the affected area morning and evening.
  • Massage lemon essential oil into cellulite to help improve circulation and eliminate waste from cells.
  • Add lemon essential oil to your morning tea or breakfast shake for a refreshing pick-me-up.
  • Inhale lemon essential oil or place a few drops on a cotton ball to replenish your mind, body, and spirit.
  • Add 10–15 drops of lemon essential oil to 3.75L of carpet cleaning solution to help pull out stains, brighten carpet and rugs, and leave a fresh smell in the room.
  • Add several drops of lemon essential oil to a chicken marinade for a delicious dinner.
  • Place a few drops of your favourite citrus essential oil on a cotton ball and put in the refrigerator to help eliminate odours.

If using essential oil please ensure it is 100% pure. Personally I prefer to use Young Living oils as I know and trust the quality of their product.

Link  – Raili at Young Living

©  Raili Tanska

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