Salma Butterfly – The House Project Part 5



First things first – Close your eyes just for a little while. Pretend your lungs are like party balloons. Fill them up till they’re nearly bursting. Then let all the air rush out with a whoosh! till they’re empty. Do it three times.

 And remember to listen and look at this story with your heart ears and heart eyes. Ok, let’s go!

When I was planning my garden with Princess Lilliana and Trumpeter Flower I was amazed to learn that flowers and colours have meanings. I found it so interesting I thought I’d share some of the stuff I learnt with you. And show you pictures of my three most favourite flowers.

As you probably realise by now, I just love flowers. The look, the smell, the feel, the taste of them. There are so many spectacular ones. And of course the nectar they produce is my main source of food. So delicious!

I would have to say though that I do have some very definite favourites. Like roses. They smell exquisite. Everyone knows of course that roses are all about love. Especially the red ones. But did you know that they can also be about healing and courage?  You would have seen from my garden plan that I have a garden bed just for roses. It’s so beautiful I spend hours flitting from flower to flower, pushing my face right into the very middle and taking deep, long breaths. Here’s a picture of my most favourite rose. Isn’t she gorgeous !

Pierre de Ronsard

Lilies are another flower that is all about passion, love, long relationships and looking after each other. It sort of makes sense why humans  use them  a lot in weddings. They grow from bulbs and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours in spring. So you can imagine how glorious my garden looks when the lilies are popping their heads out to catch the sun.  I’ve got red, cream, white, orange, black, blue and yellow ones.  The really cool thing about lilies is that they make more bulbs so every year you get more of them.  Here’s a picture of another one of my favourites. I guess  you might have gathered by now that I have a LOT of favourites!  It’s blue which is so calming and peaceful. I have a lot of bluebells in my quiet corner to bring in harmony.

Peruvian lily

Pansies, violas and violets are favourites of the faeries. I have lots of them growing in little faerie rings all over the place.  They are all about remembering special friends and family. Most of them are violet in colour. That’s  about being unique, special, part of a perfect whole, and it’s the colour of royalty and nobility. So  you can see why they are the perfect flower for the faeries!


 I could go on for hours, days, weeks about flowers. And of course I have lots and lots more in the garden.  Let me just quickly finish off by telling you a few more things about the meaning of colours.

Orange is about growth, warmth, expansion, friendship, community and happiness.

Yellow is about  purity, truth, intelligence, reason. Apparently its good to have around when you study. I need bucketsful!  It’s the colour of gold.

Green is a very soothing colour. It’s about renewal, growth, hope, health, youth. It’s the colour of the grass and trees.

And white of course is about innocence, purity and angels. Faeries of course are nature angels just in case you were wondering.

Just one other quick thing I found fascinating as well. Did you know that other things have meanings too? Like dreams and stuff. That’s a whole other story by itself! If you dream about houses it could actually be about your body! I wonder what gardens are about? Or hair, clothes, shoes …. maybe feelings?  Hmmm…

©  Raili Tanska

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