Salma Butterfly – The Butterfly House Project Part 4

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Before you go any further : Do you remember the beginning bit?  Can you do that again?Close your eyes just for a little while. Pretend your lungs are like party balloons. Fill them up till they’re nearly bursting. Then let all the air rush out with a whoosh! till they’re empty. Can you do that three times?  And, as you know now, it’s better if you can listen and look at this story with your heart ears and heart eyes. Now we’re ready!

As you probably remember, the drawings and permits  were all done so I could build my very first ever own home. This building things was all new to me. What I needed now was a team of helpers. As it turned out that was the fun bit. Ican Fix It from the Hot Spot Team was a real whizz with know-how and know-who when it came to anything to do with building or fixing stuff. He gave me lots of handy hints and tips when I went to see him about the drawings and permits.

What I had to do next, according to Ican, was to get in touch with the faeries. They, he told me, were THE experts at something he called ‘manifesting’. I’d never heard of that so I asked him what he meant by it. He explained that the faeries can make a lot of stuff just by thinking about it! I wasn’t so sure what to make of that but decided there was no harm in talking to them to see what they had to say. So I set up an appointment to meet with Princess Lilliana, who I was told, was just the one to see when it came to anything to do with manifesting.

As it turned out she was a most gracious hostess, greeting me warmly on arrival at the Faerie Castle in Gondwana. I must say I was more than a little nervous, never having met, let alone talked to someone as important as she was. However, I was so amazed at what I saw around me I entirely forgot to be nervous. What’s more, to put me at ease I was served the most scrumpdiliumptuous nectar to sip on as we sat and chatted. Beautiful to look at, with her long, curly golden hair and blue eyes, Princess Lilliana’s voice sounded like the tinkle of silver bells. She wore the most glorious dress I have ever seen. It shimmered and glowed like it was lit with a million little stars. When she walked or moved, it flowed around her like a soft silvery cloud. The room to which I had been led was light and airy. It glowed softly as the sunlight filtered in through the clear walls and ceiling. The floor was see-through as well. When I looked down it seemed as if the building was floating on air. I could see masses of flowers, ferns, moss and little creatures that seemed to be tending the garden. It really was a most spectacular place! There was so much to look at I quite forgot my manners.

I was so absorbed in looking at all the gorgeous things around, above and below me, I got quite a fright when Princess Lilliana cleared her throat, ever so delicately, and asked me what I was thinking. Stuttering and stammering in embarrassment, I managed to eventually say how thrilled I was to be there. And how utterly, breathtakingly beautiful everything was. She smiled and thanked me. And told me she had heard about my house building project. It sounded very exciting, she said. But what really rendered me speechless again was when she told me that her mother, Queen Tatiana, had instructed her to give me every possible assistance and support. Wow!!

Princess Lilliana told me faeries use a special kind of magic to make whatever they want for themselves – just by thinking about it, as Ican had already told me. So it was true! But, she said, when it comes to creating stuff for others, it’s better to do things a little differently. We spent many hours talking through all the hows and whats of getting the job done. It was soooooo exciting!! She called in one of her sisters, Trumpeter Flower, to help with the interior designing. It was Trumpeter Flower’s field of expertise, she said.


So here’s what’s been happening. You probably noticed the garden plan at the top of the page. Well, what it should have been called is ‘the foundation’ if truth be told. Let me explain. The pink faerie ring in the middle is the foundation for the whole construction, in particular the house itself. You see, what Princess Lilliana and her construction crew did before anything else, is put the faerie ring in place. It’s the real faerie magic that makes all the rest of it work. Don’t ask me how they did it ‘cos I don’t know. It’s a secret. But it is the foundation for the house which sits on top of it. You can’t see it, but you can feel it inside of you. The best way to describe the feeling is that it’s warm, sort of soft, and a little bit ticklish. And if you listen real hard you can hear the faint tinkling of little silver bells. Best of all, it’s always there!

This next bit is hard to believe. The faerie ring MADE the house. True! I saw it with my very own eyes. One minute there was just a shimmering haze where the faerie ring was. The next minute the haze got brighter and more shimmery. Then gradually you could see the house emerging like it was coming out of a silvery mist. It was so awesome to watch. And not just the house, but everything in it as well! That’s why it took so long for Princess Lilliana, Trumpeter Flower and me to talk it through. I had to decide everything I wanted in the house from colours through to curtains and teacups!

It was the outside of the house – the garden – that took a whole lot more organising. For this work Princess Lilliana organised a working group. Ants R Us from the Herb Farm were to oversee the work, providing daily progress reports to her. They were helped by the elves, gnomes and leprechauns as well. All of them loved fossicking around in bushes and shrubs so it was the best possible team to undertake all the work. The Dragonfly Express flew in all the supplies.

Sparrows, thrushes cuckoos, robin redbreasts, owls and other feathered creatures were given the job of creating nests in the trees. I wanted my garden to be full of life, an inviting and happy place where everyone would feel welcome to come and stay for a while, or move in permanently. The cuckoos were a bit tricky at first. Although they have the most beautiful song, they also have bad habits. They steal other bird’s nests. I made it very clear to them that if they wished to use my garden it had to be on my terms. Once they realised I would provide a whole tree full of nests just for them, they were happy to co-operate. It made it so much easier, they said, if they didn’t have to steal. And perhaps in time they could make friends with the other birds.  The owls too were to have their very own tree as they needed a quiet space to sleep during the day. Sparrows Nest and My Favourite Huge Tree would provide nesting for all the other birds who were happy to share with each other. There was plenty of space for them all.

The Elf Nursery and Adventure Playground were really special to me. Mistress Huggalotte, the Director, had asked me if I would be willing to provide space in my garden for them as they needed a new, bigger and better space for the baby elves. I have always had a soft spot for elfin babies. I grew up with them and spent many happy hours playing with them. Of course I was happy to have them move into my garden! I looked forward to hearing their squeals of delight as they played. And I could sneak into the nursery to join them for story time or naps.


My Quiet Corner was another spot I was looking forward to using. I liked my own company. Every day I spend a little time just to stop and listen, look, and feel the world in and around me. It is a special sacred time that helps to keep me happy and healthy. To have my very own space in which to do that was going to be awesome. A little trickling water fall in  a pond filled with lily pads and lotus flowers sat in the middle of the round space. Walled all around with soft ferns, the fronds looked like delicate lace. The ground was covered in a velvety carpet of soft moss. The space itself beckoned with its calm and peaceful atmosphere. It was like going into another world altogether. So tranquil. I could hardly wait to use it.

Grasshoppers, crickets, worker ants, beetles and other insects were given the job of preparing the ground. Lacewings, butterflies, bees and moths were kept busy choosing flowers and working with the gardeners from Ants R Us on deciding where to put them. It was such a hive of activity! Everyone was having lots of fun. The air was filled with laughter and chitter chatter. I flitted from one working group to another, to another.  In the end Princess Lilliana decided to make me responsible for making sure everyone was fed and watered. It would keep me busy, she said, and stop the others from complaining about me interfering with their work! Actually, it gave me a good reason to still go from group to group so I could keep an eye on what was happening. In fact, it was quite fun working with the hummingbirds and ladybirds to put together platters and goblets of delectable treats. Everyone was happy to see me when I took the refreshments around with the catering team. A bonus for me of course was that I got to sample all the yummy food.

Construction of the Butterfly House had turned into a major community project across Forest Glen and Gondwana. Who could have guessed this was how it would turn out when I decided to build my first very own home. This is a picture of the finished house and garden. I just love it !

Hse 4

©  Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay and personal album


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