Drip- a- Drop – My Bottles



It’s me again – hello!

This is the last introductory bit about me. Because I am  100% pure therapeutic grade,  I don’t have an expiry date. Some of the blends do because they have a base oil in them like V6 (a Young Living  enhanced vegetable oil complex)  or almond oil for example.  My bottles do have a batch number. Empty bottles of me still retain  my vibration / frequency so you can keep on smelling me. Believe it or not, that works too! 

That just about wraps this up for now. Still think I’m conceited?

I’ve got lots to talk about with you.  Next time I’ll talk to you about Dripping Drops.

In the meantime, happy Drip-a-dropping!!   


PS – I just love how my name keeps ‘dropping’ in everywhere, lol.

This information is provided for educational purposes.

Want to know more?

©  Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay

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