Drip – a – Drop : I vibrate !



Hello again!

Imagine this. I can transform into lots of different kinds of Drops. I can be Single. He-hey!!  And a Blend – of two or more. Woohoo!!  You can even make your own versions of me. Try mixing Singles and Blends together. Now there’s a party!

Imagine this. I smell. Yep. I can be sweet, yukky, or anywhere in between. AND on top of that I can be hot or cold. Starting to get the picture?

Now imagine this. As you  know, I go into all the cells in your body. However, I also have  an influence on more than that – some call it Mind/Body/Soul. I can help and support you with your emotional stuff and spiritual stuff too.

Imagine this. I can be used in lots of different ways. ‘Skinned on’,  smelled, diffused …….  and it all works to get me into you. I can even get into you if you just hold a full OR empty bottle of me.  That’s ‘cos of my vibration. Oh yeah – I vibrate!!  Not just that, but you can influence how much I vibrate. Negative thoughts make me drop by 12 MHz. You don’t want to do that. Positive thoughts increase me by 10 MHz. Now that is something worth doing. But wait, there’s something even better. Prayer raises me up by 15 MHz. That is definitely worth doing.

Now, I need to go into this some more, so’s you get the picture better focused. It’s going to get a bit scientific here.  Every different kind of drop of me has it’s own electromagnetic frequency  (=vibration). The ones they know about range from 52 to 522 M Hz. The lowest one is called Valor and the highest one is an Aussie drop called Australian Blue Cypress.

 Here’s where it starts to get even more interesting. The lower frequency drops resonate with the body’s systems, like bones and joints and stuff. Your healthy body vibrates between 62 – 68 MHz. Sickness like flu kicks in at 57 MHz. Using drops of me raises your vibration. So I’m like a little nurse drop that works with you to help you get better.  If you want to learn more about this fascinating stuff, I suggest you read “Healing Oils of the Bible” By Dr David Stewart. He’s pretty cluey about all the scientific stuff to do with me. You can find him on YouTube too.


Next time I’ll tell you about my bottles.  In the meantime happy Drip-a-dropping!!

This information is provided for educational purposes.

Want to know more?

©  Raili Tanska

Images Pixabay


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