Bless this pizza

Bless 1


   Lord bless this sumptuous feast and bless the pizza guy who delivered it.

Food has an energetic signature or vibration.  As do all living things. Pure, raw, wholesome foods have a higher vibration. Some of that is lost in cooking. However, it seems that the time honoured tradition of voicing gratitude and asking for our food to be blessed has benefits other than bowing our heads and thanking God. Blessed food has a higher energetic vibration than non-blessed food.

 ” Being present in a state of love and gratitude allows us to receive more energy from the food on multiple levels. This consideration is the origin of the tradition of praying and giving thanks before taking a meal. The positive energy of prayer changes the food with beneficial life force. Kirlian and GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) camera photography confirm that food that has been bless has a brighter aura and thus carries more life energy,” writes Katrine Volynsky on Conscious Eating.

Hey dude, God man, cool dude high in the sky, thankx for this grub I’m gonna devour.

©  Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay



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