Hello world!



There once was a gal of Finnish descent

who thought it awfully pleasant to spend

days, weeks, months and years a-dreaming

pen in hand scheming

of places her mind liked to be sent.

Self, culture, heritage and the genes of her sire

enabled her the gift of the gab to acquire

with tongue speeding mile upon mile

hers was not – of the usual style

quill and manuscript were her desire.

She practised her art through years of her life

honed and refined like the blade of a knife

first crafted by hand

then machined it was grand

she soared trending waves like a tale telling kite.

Sought for her skills by workers and peers

reportages, mails, po-ems and tales did appear

they flowed from her head and her heart

at work and at hearth

till to work she said see-yah.

This gal – the one with the gift of the gab –

still gracefully crafts her art on the tab

now typing and blogging

tales she is telling

to young, old and in-betweeners this Cancerian Crab

With glee she still learns and she trends

as her e-art she outwardly sends

with the push of a but-ton

onward and up-on

surfing the net as she e-pens

©  Raili Tanska

Image Pixabay


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