The Gift

Last week I posted about forest bathing and trees. This tale follows that trail…. There once lived an old man. Gentle by nature, he was very old. A solitary person of no nomenclature.  No-one had bothered giving him a name. Including himself.  It did not seem important or necessary.  Living alone in the woods gave him … More The Gift

Murder Most Foul

‘Twas a country trip, TRH  recalls. I had some jobs that took me away from home for a few days. Travelling with my DFL was always an interesting experience.”  (For the reader’s benefit, DFL is a term The Retired Husband used to describe his then assistant. It stands for ‘Dumb F#*# Labourer.) The DFL came wrapped … More Murder Most Foul

Butthead and Beavis

Two sheep. My nephew spotted them for sale whilst out for a country drive with a mate.  Just the ticket, he thought. He lived next door to us. Young, he had interesting and creative solutions to household management. Like the time there was a watermelon fight inside his house. It had left a sticky mess. … More Butthead and Beavis

Yoda and Jimmy Stewart

  Thanks to Sam from Don’t Make it Weird for introducing me to Bad Lips synchs.  I looove Yoda ♥   Then I found this  –  Don’t you just love his voice ? Raili Tanska Steps for Peace  Find joy in the  small things  things of life.

Methusela’s Musings – the story of One Eye the Cat

It has been a goodly time since we last gathered around  Gramp’s rocking chair for story time. But here we are, back again in that familiar, cosy setting. As always, the fire is burning and crackling, playing shadow puppets on the walls of the humble little cabin by the lake. The familiarity of Gramp’s nightly … More Methusela’s Musings – the story of One Eye the Cat

Arboreal Plenitude

I know, I know! I’ve done trees for two days already. But there’s so much more to them. TREES Beneath the shelter of the  shady branches or immersed within its Soul I am kept safe and dry, sheltered from the elements Autumnal leaves falling like multi coloured raindrops scatter on the ground returning to earth … More Arboreal Plenitude

Trees are AWESOME

Have a look at this – it is REAL! What makes it special for us is that it is native to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, where our youngest son Christopher was born. Following yesterday’s post about forest bathing, I was drawn to do some more research. Wow. I found myself immersed in learning … More Trees are AWESOME