Is it edible? No!

Ever wondered why food always looks so much better in commercials? Here’s how – but you can’t eat it! So don’t bother asking for it. Raili Tanska Stick to the real stuff

The Cat by numbers

Having completed The Parrots, I believe I mentioned that I would be painting a cat as my next paint by numbers artwork. I am pleased to announce that The Cat is now finished. And I am ever so pleased with the result. However, it has not been without its challenges. Teeny tiny numbers not even … More The Cat by numbers


Plastic changed the world. In many ways when it was first discovered. It provided cheap and convenient solutions for example to storage. If your home is anything like ours, the kitchen is full of plastic storage containers for food and liquids on. And that’s just the kitchen.  It can even be found in shower gels, … More Plastic

My New Laundry

Himself has been busy renovating again. Our laundry has been long overdue for a make-over.  It has been a work in progress for a few months. For a small room, it’s a big job. Old, open wall shelving was removed. Thought to be a good idea at the time, it never really fitted the brief. … More My New Laundry

I Painted Parrots

I always thought painting by numbers was for kids. I was SO very wrong as I discovered when I was gifted a kit of flowers to paint I got hooked. And ordered two more. The parrots are delightully colourful. And here is the virgin canvas with its plethora of tiny numbers and spots waiting for … More I Painted Parrots