Saying Goodbye

Goodbyes are never easy. Especially when it is the final one. We returned home last night from an eight day trip to Victoria. It was a final goodbye to a gentle man. A man we have known for most of our lives. The week was filled with tears, love and laughter. As we laid him … More Saying Goodbye

Taking Time Out

  I’ll be ‘off the air’ for a week or two. First ever voluntary time out since I started blogging way back in August 2015! We will be spending time with family in Victoria as we farewell my brother-in-law. Raili   Jamie Dupuis

Meeting HH

HH turned up one day. Unannounced. He made himself at home. Just like that. No discussion was entered into. Since then, Henry Huntsman has become a permanent fixture in my office.  I don’t know what he calls himself. He didn’t tell me. To be honest, I haven’t asked. Perhaps it’s a conversation I need to … More Meeting HH

Relax… Rest….

First, relax. Do like Elmo ….. Then, be transported through the beauty of nature …. and the Cosmos… then rest. Be at Peace. Raili Tanska in response to Lady Calen’s Sandbox Challenge #4  

The Superbluebloodmoon

The full moon is often cited as a time of transformation. A letting go of the old to make room for new beginnings.  There are many rites and traditions for cleansing and purification. This is a simple, yet profound meditation for doing just that. The sacred rituals and rites of cleansing, purification and annointing in  worship … More The Superbluebloodmoon