A Time for Serenity

We are in the depths of winter here at the moment. It feels bitterly cold. And the rain – well, it keeps raining. That’s good. We need it. Our tanks are full. And keep on refilling. We are totally on rainwater while it lasts. I feel the need for some soul soothing warmth. Enjoy. Raili … More A Time for Serenity

A Week of Serenity

It has been a while since I last posted. There is a worthy reason for this. The Retired One, his baby brother and I all celebrate milestone birthdays this year. Us olds have reached the venerable age of 70. OMG! What happened?! The baby bro is ten years younger. To the day. So we decided … More A Week of Serenity

Do You Worry?

Do you worry? I know I do. About far too many things. Sometimes it gets in the way of sleeping even. When the mind is in overdrive. Small problems become massive. Impossible to resolve. Problems that don’t even exist emerge. And let’s face it, these days there seems to be plenty to worry about. It … More Do You Worry?